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Connecting to an eMServer in a virtual environment?

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I have been experiementing with hosting an eMServer in a virtual environment (VMWare) and connecting to this virtual environment with a physical computer running its own local installation of PDPS. The virtual environment and the local PDPS installation are both on the same physical machine.


My main problem is I'm getting "RPC Server unavailable" on the physical machine when trying to connect to the virtual environment, see the attached screenshot.


2017-05-17 15_28_11-New Message - Siemens PLM Community.png


Firewalls everywhere are completely off, all physical clients can ping the eMServer and vice versa, but I just keep getting the "RPC Server Unavailable" error.


I've tried different networking setups on the virtual environment settings, setting the network adapter to "Bridged", "Host Only" and even "Custom" where I've chosen both VMNet1 and VMNet8 as adapters. None of these options have worked, all result in the "RPC Server Unavailable" error message, albeit some configurations seems to hang for a bit (as if really trying to connect) while others immediately throw the error.


I'm running out of ideas.


Has anyone had any luck getting a setup like this working?