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Delivery table




I have some problems with delivery table.

My task is to program Source2 to produce 4 types of Entities: 6 Entity1, 6 Entity2, 6 Entity3 and 6 Entity4. After that i need to send them all to one SingleProc and define processing time for each type of Entity. And finally, i need to send them from one SingleProc to 4 Buffers: Entitiy1 to Buffer1, Entity2 to Buffer2, Entity3 to Buffer3 and Entity4 to Buffer4.

I created delivery table only for Source2. but i dont know what i have to type in some columns like string 4 and table5, and how to define processing time for each Entity and send them to Buffer..





Thank You


Re: Delivery table

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This can be easly done using, exit strategy and processing time type.


To send parts to their respective buffer, you can make use of exit strategy 'Mu type'.Assuming buffer1, buffer2,buffer3 and buffer4 are connected as Successor 1,2,3 and 4. Select exit strategy of singleproc as "Mu attribute" and make the changes as shown in the image.


As for the processing time, add a table in the frame. Open singleproc, in the box next to processing time, from dropdown select list. Drag table and drop in the processing time field. Messege will pop up, giving a warning about change of table format. Click ok. And do the changes as shown in figure.

Re: Delivery table


Thanks for that..

I have two more questions.


My last task is to optimize sequence of operations when i use delivery table. Will SingleProc first do Entity1, then Entity2.. How can i do that?


And second, if i didnt use delivery table and every Entity is send to his own SingleProc. Entity1 to SingleProc1, Entity2 to SingleProc2... Every Entity has different processing time, so one can wait few minutes before starting operation because i want to reduce Entity waitings for operation in quee.


I read somewhere that i have to use GAWizard to optimize that, but i dont know how.

Any suggestions?