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Disconnect Study (psz) in V10/V11/V12


I have qestions about working in different version of Process Simulate diconected Studies. Is exist some difference in data structure in psz file between version V10, v11 and v12?

From fuctional side I could ask:

If I work on psz file from version 10 on Process Simulate in version v11 or v12 - could I suspect some problems when I return back to v10?

Will I still be able to open the study without errors in version 10?

Will I still be able to synchonize the study with Tecnomatix server?

Can I make a path mirrors (in V11/V12) which are not available in version 10?



Re: Disconnect Study (psz) in V10/V11/V12




personally I worked in v11 with some psz created in version 10. Everything it's good, I could also use special features of V11. I cannot try to put back the psz on the server, so i don't know if you can. In general I had always problem to reupload a psz to the serve.