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Does Tc MPP works with occurence effectivity?

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I'm posting your messaging in our public forum. One of our experts should be able to help you out with this question.




I have a question regarding Collaboration context in TC manufacturing.


Does it work with occurence effectivity ?


I've seen in your videos that it was possible to configure a BOM along with revision rules, effectivity and variants.

In MPP, can we use revision effectivities AND/OR occurence effectivity to configure a BOM ?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Does Tc MPP works with occurrence effectivity?

Yes. We can configure the EBOM with Occ effecticity and it will automatically configure the Process to reflect the changes.


Starting TC 9123 you can also see the Occ Effectivity on the consumed part in BOP.


When we say effectivity, it means all three are supported. Rev Effectivity, Occ Effectivity and IC effectivity.


When you create or save as CC, it will also consider Occ Effectivity (as this is derived by date also).


If you any further questions, please let us know.


Good Luck!

Re: Does Tc MPP works with occurrence effectivity?

Hello and thanks for your answer.


In order to align E-BOM & M-BOM and also compare any changes with acountability checks, do I need the manufacturing module to use MPP, collaboration context and functionalities such as accountability checks ?


If yes Is it possible to align and compare BoMs with multi-structure manager for example ?

or your recommendation is to have manufacturing module


The thing is I really don't precisely what brings the manufacturing module in term of perspective and functionalities.


thanks for your help.



Re: Does Tc MPP works with occurrence effectivity?

Accountability check feature is part of MPP application, and you would need the Teamcenter Manufacturing module to access this feature. I don't think accountability check is part of multi structure editor. In multi structure editor you can compare BOMs but that is different from accountability check

Re: Does Tc MPP works with occurrence effectivity?



Thanks again for your answer.


I have another question on the same topic regarding : collaboration context.


Again, is it linked to Teamcenter manufacturing or can we create a collaboration context object and use it in Multi structure manager or somewhere else ?




Re: Does Tc MPP works with occurrence effectivity?

The Collaboration Context can be used in multiple perspectives in Teamcenter including MPP and Multi-Structure Manager.


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Re: Does Tc MPP works with occurrence effectivity?



A detail regarding this thread : is all we are saying true for Teamcenter 8.3.3 ?


Or just starting at TC9 ?