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Exporting Factory CAD objects to AutoCAD Blocks

Hi there,


I just received a FactoryCAD drawing, which I want to use in AutoCAD. Unfortunately all the Factory Objects are either CIMFFCADOBJECT (or similar), which I can use after installing an object enabler, or they are completely exploded into single AutoCAD object like lines.

Is there any possibility to convert the FactoryCAD objects into AutoCAD block?

These would be easier to handle in my AutoCAD drawing.


Thank in advance.




Re: Exporting Factory CAD objects to AutoCAD Blocks

nobody - really?


There isn't even a way in Factory CAD to 'explode' an XML Factory Object to an AutoCAD Block?


Maybe we could change the type within the library from xml to block and sync the drawing or something?


Any ideas?



Re: Exporting Factory CAD objects to AutoCAD Blocks

FactoryCAD objects use standard AutoCAD behavior for working with objects outside their native application. Below are the recommendations for working with FactoryCAD objects in AutoCAD without FactoryCAD installed.


- FactoryCAD Enablers (Recommended):There are free Enablers for the FactoryCAD objects. These work similar to the Enablers offered for many of the Autodesk products and allow you to display the Factory objects in AutoCAD without FactoryCAD installed. All parametrics and intelligence are maintained when working with the Enablers.

- Detailed Proxy Graphics: Including detailed proxy graphics with the objects allows you to view the object without installing the Enablers. Additional information on this can be found in the FactoryCAD help documentation.

- Explode to 2D or 3D (Not Recommended): Generally it is not recommended to explode the xml objects as this will increase the size of the file and object intelligence including all parametrics will be lost. Of course, once exploded these lines can always be converted to a block using WBLOCK.