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FILE conversion


Is there any method for converting .cojt file of process designer which is having kinematics into a robcad .co file. So i can get Kinematics also in robcad environment. 


Re: FILE conversion

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

In eraly days. Robcad's .co file could be viewed in PD by adding one .jt file in same folder. but this .co file can't be added kinematix in PS unless whole .co being upgraded to .cojt file. but the kinematix from robcad ( if existed) could be upgraded. 


It looks no good way to go back from PS to Robcad since Robcad is regarded as obseleted software and will be vanished in future. I don't think Siemens ( tecnomatix ) can support to develop a way to do this approach...