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Fanuc Virtual Robot loaded from .ce\robot_rrs in Robcad


Hi Everybody,


I've got an issue with Fanuc Virtual Robot. Customer demands (and states it should run that way) that Virtual robots should be loaded from robot_rrs directory in Robcad cell (like for Kuka i.e.)


Problem is that I can't make it work. I found that path (C:\ProgramData\FANUC\Virtual Robots) is set by default in file c:\Program Files (x86)\FANUC\Shared\Off Line\FRVRC\frvirtual.exe.config and that's where Virtual Robots have to be stored.


             <setting name="VirtualRobots" serializeAs="String">
                <value>C:\ProgramData\FANUC\Virtual Robots</value>


But even I could change it and point to the cell it won't be universal for every cell - not so good.

I also tried to manipulate with .rrs with no success.

Please advise.