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GTAC forum login


I have a GTAC forum login which is associated with a Webkey and sold to that is owned by a company I no longer work for so no longer have access to the email address assigned to it. I now have a new Webkey and sold-to, can I transfer my old forum ID to my new Webkey?


Re: GTAC forum login

If your username was migrated from the old GTAC forums, we could've updated the email and removed the webkey from the account. But now that you have a new login that you've been using for a period of time (accumulating posts under that name), you should stick with that. We also cannot merge accounts. Our community manager, Katie Saxton, would like to know if your GTAC login was migrated so that she can mark it as a duplicate account in the system. 

Re: GTAC forum login

I Stephanie, thanks for the reply.
It's a shame I didn't post this question from my old account when I first got my new webkey.
I would like to retain access to my old posts, will they stay on the forum if you delete my old account?
I don't know if my old account was migrated, I don't think so. My original account name is "broomfi"
My new one is a fresh start on a new webkey.

Re: GTAC forum login

I meant to type "Hi Stephanie"!