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Get started with Process Simulater (Standalone)


Dear Forum,


for my thesis I want to use Process Simulator Standalone for some basic simulation with signals etc, for which I´m programming via TIA a PLC too.

Is there any ressource which provides web-based trainings for the basics. I already have all my models and learned how to import them. Now I want to learn how to use kinematics with signals etc. to make the simulation. The basics seems logical to me, but for the full understanding a how to guidline which describes the tools of the programme would be very helpfull.

Do anyone knows a ressource (for free would be the best) where to get these informations.



Re: Get started with Process Simulater (Standalone)

No such guidelines exist.
The reason is simple - all what may called "learning" (when we talk about Siemens) - is not free. You have to pay for it. And a lot of agreements restricts people from redistribute such an information.
But you can find some information in help .