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How to command a motor in the reality and in Process Simulated


The goal of my project is to use the same software used in a real chain production for command the simulation (In line Simulation Mode) with PLCSIM and TIA Portal, but I found some problem with some points.


The first difference is that I have to reproduce a conveyor with a box that moves on it, but at the middle of the path there is a piston that stops the box and the conveyor don't stop running and slip under the box. To reproduce that I divided the conveyor in two parts and using two different object flow operation I reproduced the movement.

In reality the software for the real conveyor has only one output that give the signal at the motor to turn, but in the simulation with Tecnomatix I have to use two different outputs to start the two different object flow operations. 


I have also one motorized movement with different position and in Process Simulated I created different device operation for each position, but in the reality there are only two outputs which allow the motor turn in one direction or in the another one.


I would be grateful if someone can give me some information how to address the problem.



Best regards