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IMPORTANT: The DNEWS/NNTP news server (BBSNOTES) is moving to the domain this weekend (4/9/2011)

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Unfortunately, this will mean reconfiguring your news client! We will try
to redirect the nntp connections to to point to the new address, but this may not
work, and even if it does, the redirect will be temporary.
To assure uninterrupted access to the BBS via NNTP, please reconfigure your
news client to point to to
have it ready for next week.
To add the new server into your
news client ... just click on the following URL:
This will automatically add the news server into your
configuration. Make sure to click on the server proterties and authenticate
based on your WEBKEY username and password!
You will have to re-subscribe to all the newsgroups you follow (you can
still review the old bbsnotes configuration) and do a catch up to set all
the old newsitems as SEEN. Once your new configuration is complete, you can
remove the old news server.
If you have any questions, please send mail to
Thank you for your patience!