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Implement custom behavior for logical block

Hi all,


is there a way to implement a custom behavior (e.g. a custom action) which i can use in a logical block? If so, can anybody point me to the information how it can be done? I've searched my PS 12.1.3 (Standalone) installation up and down, read in the documentation but unfortunately haven't found anything that would have helped me.


thanks and best regards




Re: Implement custom behavior for logical block

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Hi Lars,

did you look for something like that?


Kind regards,


Re: Implement custom behavior for logical block

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That's not what am looking for.


If you search for ITxPlcLogicBehaviorActionCreationData, you see that it's an interface which is implemented by classes that capture the creation data of already supplied actions, e.g. TxPlcLogicBehaviorJointAccelerationControlledActionCreationData for the "Joint Acceeleration Controlled" action.


What I am looking for is a way to provide my own action that I can use in PS, if that's possible. But I am not limited to this specific way of providing my custom behavior. Another possibility I could think of is for instance to add somehow (??) a new function (I have implemented myself) which is invoked in a Value Expression. So in general I am looking for an interface for custom behavior in logical blocks.


best regards