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Material flow in CEE, Process Simulate


I have a question regarding the usage of conveyors. When I want a product to move along a conveyor, do I have to use object flow operations or is it possible to use the conveyor that I have defined earlier with skid and conveyable part?


Can someone give me an example on how to use the material flow viewer?

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Re: Material flow in CEE, Process Simulate

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Material flow usage 


  • In time based simulation- we have one cycle and therefore one part
  • In event based simulation we have multiple cycles and therefore we need multiple appearances of the same part
  • The Material flow enables us to view and control the way part appearances are passed between the operations in line simulation mode.


The Material Flow (MF) Link represents the passing of parts between operations during line simulation, as follows:


 Find the attached Image 


 The parts indicated in red are those consumed by the operation, and Op1, for our example, is the base operation of the flow (with no incoming links).


The meaning of the MF Link between Op1 and Op2 is that all parts used or accumulated by Op1 are available for the use of Op2.

Note that all parts consumed by Op1are passed through the link, although Op2, the target of the link, consumes only one of the parts (p1). All parts, whether consumed by Op2 or not, are accumulated by it, and are passed to the next operation in the material flow (Op3).

We can think of a parts inventory that is filled by the operation on the left (source) side of the link. Those parts are extracted from the inventory by the operation on the right (target) side of the link. So the real meaning of the link is to determine in which part inventory an operation should look into, when starting to run.

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Re: Material flow in CEE, Process Simulate


Hi guys,


what about the first question asked by Kimmylinus?

How is it possible to move a part along a conveyor in line simulation? can you explain step by step?





Re: Material flow in CEE, Process Simulate


you need have a conveyor model in CEE and can drive it.