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Material flow visualization in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation using 3D Sankey diagrams


Sankey diagrams are named after Matthew Sankey, who developed this type of diagram to visualize the flow of steam in a steam machine.
Plant Simulation offers Sankey diagrams in 2D as well as in 3D to visualize the flow of material (here in red printed circuit boards PCBs) and in green the movement of workers through a production plant in different layers. The diameter of the lines visualizes the quantity of persons of products between two points.Amberg_Sankey Chart_3D_worker_and_material flow visualization.JPG


Flow diagrams enable especially non simulation experts to read discrete event simulation runs and easily recognize the right conclusions to get benefits out of a simulation model. The Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Sankey wizard enables users to create Sankey charts just by using drag and drop within a few seconds.


Amberg_Sankey Chart_2D_worker_and_material flow visualization.JPG