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Mu Assembly




I am working on simulating a machine and require the MU's  to be ready in an assembly, when I want to start the simulation.


At the moment when I start the simulation it starts preparing the assembly first in another frame, which is not realistic as work needs be ready before start of machine simulation.


My question is  that if there is way of making an assembly of 3 MU's  a container, a box and small items

e.g., One container with  20 boxes containing, 50 small items each, which can be changed in future if required.


I am thinking a ready assembly in the class library in MU's folder.


Waiting for your response.






Re: Mu Assembly

you can load the boxes in a exit control rear of the source e.g. (SimTalk 2.0)

var boxSmiley Surprisedbject
while not box.full loop

Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist  

Re: Mu Assembly

Thanks Steffen.