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Need help with some objects



I am trying to figure out the utilization of each station and the WIP in each station or the whole process as well. I put up the utilization and stock object but all it gives me is the working and stopped time etc. 

This is a demo of a sewing line so each station is like an operator. 

Hence, the WIP from each station and utilization is needed. 

I would appreciate any kind of help.




Re: Need help with some objects

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Bipul,

sorry for the late reply. I recommend you to contact the Plant Simulation Forum:

Now to your question. You need a statistical evaluation of objects SingleProc OP1, … , OP4.

You are right, that the tool BottleneckAnalyzer prepares such an evaluation. In the attached model I changed the ResourceType of the Source and the Drain to “Storage”. On the Configure tab of the BottleneckAnalyzer I deactivated the checkboxes Transport and Storage, such that the BottleneckAnalyzer shows your interesting resources OP1,… .

The utilization is the working portion. Please also look at the tab Statistics of the objects OP1,… .

On this tab is also the number of processed part. The number of current parts in your model is reported in the class object .MUs.CutPieces. As far as I know, .MUs.CutPiecesstatCount is called WIP (work in process).

The attached model is for Plant Simulation 12. I removed the VSM library. You cannot use the evaluation objects alone.