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New interface to the BBS

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New vBulletin interface for BBS
You now have three ways to access the BBS system:
a.. Using the new interface
b.. Using the old interface
c.. The DNEWS/NNTP news clients news://
Siemens PLM Software is pleased to announce a new interface to the BBS! For
many of you that have used a vBulletin interface, the look and feel with be
familiar. For those that have not, there is plenty of help available to you
on the system.
When you login to the vBulletin interface, you will see a top menu bar that
should contain a link for the "FAQ".

Click on the FAQ link and make sure you are familiar with the "Canons of
Conduct". These canons regulate the behavior expected on the BBS. The other
links describe how the board works, and should help if you get stuck.
Questions are encouraged (there is a thread in the "Misc Notes on Notes"
forum), and you can always send a private message to the board moderator
To access the vBulletin system directly, bypassing this web page, bookmark
and use the URL
NOTES: Accessing the vBulletin system is via your Webkey (or your Solid Edge
Free2D username/password for those enrolled in that program). Notes posted
in vBulletin are automatically reflected in the DNEWS/NNTP system. Newsitems
posted in the DNEWS/NNTP system are automatically. Reflected in the
vBulletin system.
The original web based interface to the BBS will remain. To access the old
DNEWSWEB interface, bypassing this web page, bookmark and use the URL
You original DNEWSWEB profile and subscriptions will continue. If you would
prefer to use vBulletin, and would like us to remove any E-Mail
subscriptions from the dnewsweb interface, just send a private message to
The original DNEWS/NNTP News system is still fully supported. You can access
the BBS using the URL news:// which will invoke
Outlook Express (on Windows systems), enter the as your
news server (you will still need to add your Webkey username and password
into the properties), and subscribe you to the newsgroup (where
announcements are generally made).
Certain features will be available in the vBulletin interface that will not
be reflected in the DNEWS interface such as blogging, social groups, the
calendar, etc.