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OPC Server


Hello everybody!!!


I’m trying to connect my simulation done with PS, in simulation mode, with S7-PLCSIM.


Normally I did it with a PLC ->Emulation-> PLCSIM, but in this case I have to use a CPU 1512SP F-1 PN and I think I can’t use the connection PLCSIM [MPI] with this controller, so I decided to use a Server OPC.

To create an OPC connection I downloaded a MatrikonOPC Server for Siemens PLCs and the OPC core components from opcfoundation. The result is that I can select an OPC Server in the external connection in PS but I’m stopped at this point because I didn’t know how to use an OPC Server in TIA Portal…


So I would like to know if I’m completely wrong or not???



Thank you for your availability !!!!





Re: OPC Server

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when using a Mtrikon OPC Sever for connecting Plant Simulation and the PLC then you need to configure that server. The Matrikon dokumentation should tell how to do this.

After having done that you can connect the OPC client object in Plant Simulation to the Matrikon server.

Again you need to fill the item table in this object with the right syntax that is expected by your OPC server. Unfortunately there is no common syntax. :-(

I do not understand what you mean by "using OPC server in TIA Portal". When using a third party OPC server I think this are independent environments.

When using the SimaticNET OPC server from Siemens, then you can download the Hardware configuration including the data item definition into the OPC server, which is added as a component to the PC Station. The PC station typically is the computer you are working on and in most configurations the host computer for the OPC server.


I hope, you get the right path!

Re: OPC Server


Hello !

Thank you for your answer!!!



Also is it right that I can’t use an MPI connection and I have to use an OPC Server to connect my CPU 1512SP F-1 to Process Simulate?


Now I crated a PC Station with an OPC Server and I enabled the S7 UA redundancy, but when I try to download my hardware and software to a device I can’t find a compatible device in target subnet…

The problem is that I don’t know which type of interface I have to choose, because normally I use an MPI connection….and how I have to set up the configuration in Process Simulate…


I hope that you have the time to explain me better how things should be done Smiley Wink






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Re: OPC Server

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Hello AarOn,


as your question belongs to Process Simulate you should ask this question in the Tecnomatix Robotics Forum.

This here is the Plant Simulation Forum and the OPC interfaces between Process Simulate and Plant Simulation are slightly different.

I did not get the topic about UA redundancy,  but if you want to have the OPC UA server running on the PLC hardware you need to wait for TIA Portal 14 and the release of PLC firmware 2.0. The release should be somewhen end of July this year.

By the way, one of your pictures shows the (old) PLCSIM tool. As far as I know, PLCSIM does not support external communication. It can be used with TIA Portal/Step-7 for PLC simulation and monitoring and co-simulaitons, but not for connecting to external communication partner.

Maybe has to be clarified additionally?




Re: OPC Server

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Hi AaRon


Perhaps you can better clarify what you want to accomplish.

For simple emaultion of an S7-15xx CPU you could use PLCSIM, but not the old version. As far as I know V5.5 and such only supports 300\400 CPUs while the newer PLCSIM V13.0 (SP1 and higher) should also support 1200\1500 CPUs (I have not checked exact versions but you can do that on the Siemens website in TIA release notes).


For this use case you should be able to use PS as always using the PLCSIM PLC option. I think PLCSIM v13.0 handles HW config differently which might have an effect, but I'm not privy to that code of course so it's hard to tell.


In addition, I don't think PLCSIM supports your network configuration (disctirbuted control) but that point should be taken in a Siemens Factory Automation forum or support line...


I agree with gepi - you'll get better answers on "our side" of the forum (Tecnomatix Robotics) since this is where this question belongs.




Kind regards,
Gal Snir