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PS 13.1.1 import DB's from PLCSIM Advanced(TIA Portal V14 program)




In PS 13.1.1 it's possible to extract S7 signals from PLCSIM Advanced (TIA Portal V14 Program inside). This function only extracts Booleans from the PLC program. The connection between PS and PLCSIM Advanced of those extracted Booleans works fine. 


My question is: how to automatically extract the complete symbolist from the TIA Portal V14 program so the default tag table and Data blocks (DB's) are imported to PS, is this possible? 


When this is not possible, how to manually export DB's or the default tag table (with different types bool, int, real etc.) from TIA Portal to PS?


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Re: PS 13.1.1 import DB's from PLCSIM Advanced(TIA Portal V14 program)

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Hi Nwes


Extract S7 Signals should extract the full Tag list from Tia Portal, including any type of signal, array or user defined data types and list them in the exported excel.

Since PS does not support all TIA data types and does not support Arrays or Structures we split them into bits and bytes which users can map directly as well. Signal types which are not supported in PS should be highlighted in the Excel, but they should still be reported there.


While PLCSIM Advanced allows access to DBs, Process Simulate currently applies a filter which only allows access to the IO area of the memory in the simulated PLC, hence the Extract function also retrieves only IOs and will not show DBs at all.


In order to access DB memory from PS, copy the DB memory into the IO area of your PLC first, and access it from PS as simple IO.




Kind regards,
Gal Snir