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PS 14.1.2 - Setup Linear Conveyor

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I'm having trouble setting up the linear conveyor. I've gone through the online manuals as best I can without success. 


Within Tolerances, 'Width' and 'Thickness' are now missing. Conveyance tolerance cannot be set - as I only have the range of '0.10 to 0.10'!! Collission can be raised to 250, but I do not need to calculate collisions, only move the part along the conveyor.


I've tried moving the 'moving surface', and 'motion path' to be in either collision with the part, or in collission with the 'origin' frame of the part but this hasn't worked. I've defined the part as a 'conveyable part', and used different 'conveying frames' both ramdon and in collission with the 'moving surface' and/or 'motion path', but still not movement along the conveyor.


What are the steps and considerations needed to get the part to convey along the conveyor?


Re: PS 14.1.2 - Setup Linear Conveyor

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



When creating the conveyor a small thin 'line' is created, this is the moving surface which parts need to be in collision with to move.


1- Create the conveyor with a part at the start and end position

2- Create the conveyor path from the origin of the start part, to the origin of the end part

3- Don't worry about the tolerances, conveyor tolerance cannot be changed and is stuck at 0.10. Collision tolerance is not needed

4- Close the modelling scope to finish creating the conveyor

5- Move the 'moving surface' and 'conveyor path' to be in collision with both the start and end parts

6- Define the start part as a conveyable part, and place the parts 'conveyor frame' onto the beginning of the moving surface. As long as the 'conveyor frame' is in collision with the 'moving surface' it will move. 

7- Record the coordinates used and repeat them for any part that also requires moving via the conveyor.


I would prefer the moving surface to be expandable/scalable to make it large enough any part placed into it will move............just like the real world.