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Plant Simulation for Hi-Tech Manufacturing


We are looking to present Plant Simulation to a manufacturer of PC Peripherals in Singapore. I was not able to find relevant examples in the website or in Salescenter.


 The closest was a video of Bosch in YouTube:


Is anyone familair with relevant use cases?






Re: Plant Simulation for Hi-Tech Manufacturing


Hi Raul,


there is a nice case study describing the use of Tecnomatix Plant Simulation in the high tech and electronics industry: Siemens Magnet Technology uses Plant Simulation to optimize complex production lines. 

Plant Simulation HT

The search for accurate production forecasting

Did you know that 30 percent of the MRI scanners installed in hospitals worldwide contain a superconducting magnet manufactured by Siemens Magnet Technology? Siemens accounts for about 45 percent of the total market, and 100 percent of the magnets produced at its facility near Oxford are exported overseas for final assembly into imaging systems. The business has been awarded several Queen’s Awards; most recently it was the recipient of the Manufacturing Excellence Awards (MX) 2010, sponsored by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers for Product Innovation.


Siemens Magnetic Technology won the Cranfield School of Management Best Factory Awards: Most Improved Plant and Innovation (Process and Design). In November 2011, Siemens Magnet Technology also picked up one of Siemens’ Environmental Awards for its pioneering work in minimizing the consumption of helium.


Re: Plant Simulation for Hi-Tech Manufacturing




The case is more a case of production schedulling though


It is a volume production of computer perihperals (HD, DVD, etc)  


I was told that Plant Simulation uses a Gantt module designed for such cases?



Re: Plant Simulation for Hi-Tech Manufacturing

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

Hello Raul


I could not find public case studies that match the case the way you described it


If you can send me your contact details here, or to, I might be able to get you in touch directly with a relevant local reference (or you can approach your Siemens reseller as  well)


Best regards




Also, you might find the case studies below relevant to your customer:


1. Zollner - a leading global EMS using the Tecnomatix Suite, including Plant Simulation


2. Siemens Low-Voltage Control Plant, using the Tecnomatix Suite for Production planning