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Press and Furnace Batch Processing


The majority of my manufacturing steps I am simulating will process a single part individually making the SingleProc object the way to go.  I also have a Press processing 2 parts simultaneously and later a Furnace heating 3 parts in a batch simultaneously.  The calls for workers, setup time, or process times on a Press or Furnace wouldn't start until the batch number of parts is available to load and run.  After the Press or Furnace is completed, the parts fall back into a single piece flow until the Drain.


I have seen other posts attempting to use Controls and Buffers which might work flowing into say a ParallelProc, but I need to book only one SetupTime for the batch.  Another option could be to create a Container on a SingleProc and use an upstream Buffer Control to queue required the number of parts and directly place them directly into a Container located say in the Furnace.


I also saw a better animation potential using Lines in this Shock Oven post, but programing waituntil commands won't aggregate the station as really consuming "working" time.  I am struggling on the best way to visualize the part flow and aggregate the Press and Furnace utilization statistics via the HTML report.


Are there any other suggestions or best practice recommendations on how best to model simultaneous batch processing stations?  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


Re: Press and Furnace Batch Processing

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor
first: there is a Plant Simulation forum, better post your topics relating Plant Simulation there

one way is to use an assembly station to accumulate the batch and a dismantling station to unpack the batch for the further steps, you don't need to program and in this way you can use SingleProcs to model you setup behavior (e.g. after each batch).
Steffen Bangsow
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Re: Press and Furnace Batch Processing


Thank you very much for your reply. I ended up implementing your recommendation for lack of any alternative ideas. Although this method adds two extra station icons (assy & dismantle with 0:00 time) each occasion I need to group the parts together, but it does allow me to book keep the process times, setup times and workers consistently.