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Process Designer Refresh Bug

Hi Forum,


We are having an issue with Process Designers (V10) GUI not updating when changes are made in any of the trees. e.g. Checking in/out, renaming, moving files etc.


The tree can be updated by clicking the "Show'Hide Columns" button but then you have to browse all the way back to where you were working within the structure wich is quite annoying.


Apparently this is a common issue that has been around for a while (multiple GTAC cases) but no solution has been found that I know of.


We've even been playing around with the solutions of the "Windows 7 Refresh Bug"  but with no avail.


Has anyone else experienced this before?

Is there another workaround/solution?




Accepted by topic author HermiasH
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Process Designer Refresh Bug

Please run a REFRESH SCHEMA and ANALYZE SCHEMA from the Admin Console on the server.

This task should be completed weekly.

Michael Mood
Digital Manufacturing CoE

Siemens PLM Software II Inc.

Tel. (734) 953-3827
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Re: Process Designer Refresh Bug

Thanks for the feedback Mike!

I'll do that ASAP and get back regarding the results. Seems that this would do the trick.

Re: Process Designer Refresh Bug

Seemed that it was a database issue with Tables in Oracle running out of space, which we could only see when we tried to refresh the schema. (We have 10 users in a training environment)

Thanks to you we could pin-point it.