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Process Simulate Human add-on


I have Process Simulate installed on Teamcenter and I was wondering how I can add the Process Simulate Human add-on to Process Simulate. If there is any package that I need to install or something because I have not found information regarding this issue.





Re: Process Simulate Human add-on



   By default, Process Simulate/human should be included in your installation process on both TC based and eMServer based. but there are some tiny difference between human model setting on both platform. please read the manual on human model location within your installation folder. Human model running on TC needs one special xml setting on it if I remembered correctly. Just check the manual on human folder in installation . there are some docs there. find and read it... 



Re: Process Simulate Human add-on

Hi Steven2: 


Thanks so much for the answer. I have one more question.

What is the difference between Process Simulate Human and Jack? I want to use human operation and I want to simulate them etc... I saw that in process simulate there is a tool called "Jack Collaboration" what this Jack collaboration exactly is? what this collaboration can offer me? Do I need to install Jack separatly or is it included in the tecnomatix package that I have already installed?


thanks so much



Re: Process Simulate Human add-on

Well, this question is related with Tecnomatix developing history... it is long long ago, back to more than 15 years ago when tecnomatix was still called eMPower. Tecnomatix was using itself human model called " Anyman" to simulate human process. with time goes on. Ramsis model ( a popular manikin model) introduced and until 2010,  then UGS Jack model was dominating this portion. So today you will see Jack model in both Process Simulate/human and Classic Jack. Basically functions in two modules are 99.99% aligned. Both powerful and easy to use.Smiley Happy


In Process Simulate. you can simulate complex manikin behaviors thru interactive way and/or thru motion capture which will integrated with some hardwards like motionanalysis etc. "Jack collaboration" means the motion capture device connection... if you want to use this funtion, you need have specific license item I think. functions are included in your installation. whatever PS/human or Jack you used. you need license to drive this function. Still. you had better read the help manual and check them out...