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Process Simulate custom: remove strings from Loc Name



I am making a customization in PS14. I have to recover numbers from Loc Name, eg. Loc Name: SP_0012 and I need 0012 as a result.


I tried to make new parameter with lenght limitation (name of point has always the same prefix) and then shift dynamic Loc Name to my parameter but it does not work (I tried many combinations of this code):


<Param Name="Program Nr" ValueType="string" MaxLength="5" />

<![CDATA[('Program Nr' = 'Loc Name')]]>

<Item Type="parameter" MaxLength="5">Program Nr</Item>


I found also parameter Loc Id, but it removes "0" from name, so I get 12 instead of 0012.

How can I managed with this one?

Thanks for all replies!