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Project finished, customer satisfied but how to archive the project.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


I would like to hear your opinion on how to archive a PS project.


Back in the old days of Robcad we would simply pack all project related information and add cells and libraries to one big archive.

But now with PS that is not so simple any more. Since this is all database related. Do I make and pack and go over the complete project? Make a dump of the database? But how does that relate to revision updates.

Did any of you give this a thought?


Here's what I came up with, please find any holes.

  1. create disconnected cells (no libraries).
  2. create a backup of your sysroot and other project related directories
  3. create an xml export of the complete project.

With step 1 & 2 I create the possebility to quickly look back into a certain cell if the need arises.

With step 2 & 3 I create the possibility to restore the project.