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Reading Data from Tablefile using method




i am trying to practice "Attributes of the Material Flow Objects" , example 59: Basic Setting from Steffan Bangsow Book,

i have created model but not able to write method as i am using 14.1

can you help to run the simulation for desired result 


Re: Reading Data from Tablefile using method

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Hi! It's better to ask in Plant Simulation forum. Regarding your model, there are several minor problems. To understand why it's not working, look if there is error description in the bottom of method window. 1) Rename TableFile1 object to Table_Data. 2) " missed in line 7 3) Names of columns are different from what you type in code (for example, extra space in the end) 4) Use "Failure" instead of "Failure1" in Init method 5) Remove or comment out last line in cycle (["Stream",i]) - it's not needed in 14.1
Regards, Vladimir.