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Repeat Robot Pick & Place Operation

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Solution Partner Creator

Hello All,


Our Scenario of sequence is listed below


1. 2 different parts moving on 2 parallel conveyors

2. In the common merge point of 2 conveyors the 2 parts get assembled by a robot, picked and then placed on a 3rd conveyor

3.the part moves on the 3rd conveyor


We want to repeat the same process for multiple parts. Is there any easy way to create the simulation to repeat for multiple parts?


Betreff: Repeat Robot Pick & Place Operation

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Gears Phenom



Do you work in Standard Mode or Line Simulation Mode?


Standard Mode:

create a master Operation for robot.

ex. Cell

call path 1

call path 2

blank part

display part


in these master operation you can add the paths more than one time.


Line Simulation:

You must work with material flow viewer, apperance and signals to switch the start and end conditions.

Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke