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Retrieving Data for Custom XML Command

Im trying to retrieve data for a command but not sure how to achieve my goal..


I have  a compound operation with the name of Zone_[n];

 The children of the operation (Zone_[n]) need to have the integer number sent to them..


I know im making it sound more difficult than i need to but i dont know how else to explain..



My process commands have an integer value that is used for the segment within the program it is operating. This value is equal to the numeric value at the end of the parent name.


I was hoping to be able to use a regex expression to parse through and pull out the value but 

my coworkers have never attempted to retrieve parent data..this before?

Has anyone dont anything similar to 

















Re: Retrieving Data for Custom XML Command

Hi Mookie,


in your title you mention XML so I assume that you're trying to read XML data.


From where do you get the XML text? If it's a file you can use the the method 'readXMLFile' of a table. This will present you the content of the XML file in a structure which you can access more easily.






Re: Retrieving Data for Custom XML Command

Im using custom user interfaces. Its mentioned to use txObject but can i use it to retrieved data or do I need to have the user click on the parent, even when the parent is always formatted the same.


Re: Retrieving Data for Custom XML Command

My answer assumed that you are using Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, but I guess this is not the case.


So sorry for the confusion.