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Robcad and Process Simulate history


Hi all!

I'm  not sure if this is the right place for it, since this isn't a technical post.

If not, please excuse me.

I'm personally interested in the history behind Process Simulate, and mainly Robcad.

But is dificult to find links or other kinds of material that cover this topic.

If someone here have brochures, manuals or even screenshots from older versions of theese tools and could share this material with me, I would really appreciate



Re: Robcad and Process Simulate history


Looking back to 1980s. Tecnomatix is a high-tech company which setup in Hazaliya Israel. its key product is ROBCAD. as said, Israel goverment once funded this project to develop this famous robot simulation tool which only runs on Unix workstation at that time.

Coming to later 1990s, Tecnomatix had bought some other companies like ANYSIM, SIMPLE++ ( both germany based companies). and extented its application to more industries and more domains.

By 2000. Tecnomatix comes up with the concept 'MPM'. manufacturing process management and packaged their solutoins with eMServer based architecture which enables the collaborative process design and simulation and documentation on same platform. the basic applicaiton is called eM-Planner, as today's name-- Process Designer. eM-Simulate, as today's name--Process Simulate.

Per the high demand of migrating ROBCAD from Unix to PC, Tecnomatix promised to design a pure windows application to cover all existed Robcad functions, it is today's Process Simulate.This process took too long time even after tecnomatix became member of UGS (2005)and latest Siemens PLM(2007).

Today's Process Simulate is regarded as replacer of ROBCAD which had been stopped on ver 11. Until ver 14. Process Simulate can provide most existed functions of that in robcad.

Today's Process Simulate is a powerful simulaiton package to do robotic, assembly, welding and ergonmics simulation and analysis...


wish above contents can help you bit...

Re: Robcad and Process Simulate history

Thanks for the explaining, Steve2.

Sure It will help.