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Robcad to Process Simulate upgrade



I’m trying to install RobCad 11 on my PC and I have a problem with the license, because when I try to start the program appear a windows shell with the message:


sh C:\Robcad\/bin/

NUCLEUS: Can’t get a FLEX license


and the program doesn’t start….



In the release notes I read that is possible use the license of Process Simulate (Robcad to Process Simulate Upgrade) and now I’m using Process Simulate 13 without problems.


Can somebody help me? Smiley Wink


Best Regards



p.s. in attached the text about the license extract from the release notes



Re: Robcad to Process Simulate upgrade



You can use Process Simulate licenses to run Robcad. But you need to have a special license:

TN70039C Robcad Access


That's an optional license for Process Simulate.

Regards, Vladimir.

Re: Robcad to Process Simulate upgrade

Hello Vladimir !!

Thank you for the answer


Could you explain me better how to use the Robcad Access?

I have to insert the string TN70039C Robcad Access somewhere or I have to request a special license?

Re: Robcad to Process Simulate upgrade



It's necessary to have a license TN70039 in your Process Simulate license file, so most likely it will be necessary to pay an additional fee for this option (it's rather cheap).


Idea is that usually Robcad checks-out a TN60005 license (Robcad Base) when started. But if you have this option, Robcad can check-out TN70005 instead. The same is true for modules: Robcad Spot can work with Process Simulate Spot etc. There can be issues with some modules which do not have exact correspondence in Process Simulate (like Paint), so better consult in your local Siemens office.

Regards, Vladimir.