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RobotExpert 13.0 co2jt error


Trying to convert KUKA robot-model ".co" files to use in RobotExpert 13.0 (trial license). Upgradetoversion.exe shows message (pic attached). Even through GUI i can't convert, error message i get:



"The application can't import the XML file \here goes desination folder\"



Somebody, help, please!


123.pngerror im upgradetoversion.exe213423243.PNGerror in GUI


Re: RobotExpert 13.0 co2jt error

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I guess this kuka tobot model has some attachment on it ( like fupa cable unit). it looks like a super component . if this is the case. Upgradetoversion will not work correctly... 

Re: RobotExpert 13.0 co2jt error

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor



Here is a process that will work for the KUKA robots that are supercomponents (must have the fupa subcomponent available).


Once the correct fupa is placed in the sysroot in the correct folder location, using the UpgradeToVersion will work (must set all options correctly).

Here is the process.  Set the robot in library root (under ROBOTS_KUKA), and the fupa folder (parts), at same level as ROBOTS_KUKA folder.

Run the Upgrade CO to Version command from Start/All Programs/Tecnomatix/Administration Tools

Add the robot only.

Select CO, not COJT conversion.

Check Library Root checkbox, and browse to library root folder (one above parts).


Now, the trick...

Inside the co of the robot is a jt file with kinematics, and the subcomponent included.

In Process Simulate, use Import CAD Files command on this jt file, and it will create the cojt for you under the sysroot as a robot.