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RobotExpert and RRS2


Are there any plans to support RRS2 (VRC) interface in the future versions of RobotExpert. 

As far as I undestand, only RRS1 (RCS) is supportet right now.

It would be nice to have a connection to KUKA OfficeLite.


Re: RobotExpert and RRS2

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

No, currently, this is not is the near future plans.

I'm not sure I understand the benefit of connecting it to Kuka OfficeLite.

Can you please elaborate the benefit?



Re: RobotExpert and RRS2


I work at a higher professional school as a teacher in the field of robotics.

In my class, we use 4 robots (KUKA KR5sixx R850) and two software packages, RobotExpert and KUKASim Pro with OfficeLite 5.4. We train basic things like robot commissioning, configuration, basic movement commands ... on the real robot. However, when focus is moved more to the advanced topics (loops, conditions, triggers, ...) we use virtual controller to allow better learning experience (one virtual robot for one or two students). Currentlly we use KUKASim.Pro for this purpose, which allow RRS2 connection between OfficeLite and virtual robot. Since the time is limited, it would be better if we can accomplish the same with one software package - RobotExpert, which has many advantages over KUKASim Pro except RRS2 connection.

Re: RobotExpert and RRS2

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Thank you for this valuable input. We will take this into consideration as we continue our planning for and development of future releases of RobotExpert.
Mike Rouman
Senior Marketing Manager
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