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Robotic path from RobCAD to Process Simulate

[ Edited ]

Is there any way you can migrate or convert a robotic path made in RobCAD into eMServer format?

For example transform a RobCAD spot-welding path to a spotweld Operation in Process Simulate.

The 'Robcad connectivity studies' from Process Designer is working, but it only transfers CAD data, frames, kinematics into the connected study but no operations.


Re: Robotic path from RobCAD to Process Simulate

There are a few alternatives for reusing Robcad paths within Process Simulate.

  • Within Process Simulate go to Robotics - Robot Program - Upload Robcad Robotic Program.
  • You can also download (OLP) your path and Upload your path in Process Simulate.

The Robcad Connectivities Studies application should bring Operations (paths) across to the eMS environment.  Ensure you are selecting the robot and path pair within Robcad.