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Setting speed of a joint in the action of a logic block



I'm simulating the action of clamps on a jig using a logic block "action", and am having difficulty controlling the speed / time of opening / closing.


In the Logic Resource Editor, under the Action tab, there is a field marked Velocity. Very low values (e.g. less than 1) appear to slow the movement down, but with higher values there appears to be a ceiling above which the speed of movement of the clamp during simulation does not increase.


If I try to edit the device with the Kinematics Editor, the Joint Properties window shows  Max Values for Speed and Acceleration. These do not appear to allow higher speeds either.


Currently the clamp takes about 1.6 seconds to open in simulation clock time, which is longer than reality.


Can anyone offer any pointers?


Best Regards,





Re: Setting speed of a joint in the action of a logic block

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Siemens Legend

Hi Andrew,


Please share with me the data (Save As ".pszx file") - I need to debug it in order to see what blocks it.