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Sort assembled part by color




in one of our university classes we are currently working with Tecnomatix to be able to simulate an assembly line. Therefore my skills are very limited and I need help with a probably quite easy task.


Source1 produces containers and feeds them into a buffer. 

Soruce2 produces colored parts, Red and Blue, each with a 50% probability. Depending on the color of the part I give it an attribute col with either 'RED' or 'BLUE'.


The buffer and source2 go into an assembly station, where one of the colored parts is mounted on top of the main MU, the container.


Now I would like to be able to sort the containers with colored parts on top depending on what color the attachment has with the help of a turning table. The "red containers" should go upwards, while the "blue containers" just follow the conveyor belt.


I hope someone can give me a hint into the right direction.


Best regards




Re: Sort assembled part by color

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Schnurrbert,

the attached model for Plant Simulation 12 shows a possible solution.

I used the target control of the object Turntable, which contains instructions like

if @.cont.col = "BLUE" then