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Unable to delete module in Process Simulate 14.1.1

I'm using Process Simulate 14.1.1 and have a Module from which contains signals which have been deleted. To avoid ambiguity in the term "Module", I'm referring to the PLC-type logical modules which can be viewed under View => Viewers => Modules Viewer.


I have the following problem:


If I try to delete the Module it causes an error prompting Windows to close PS.

Tecnomatix closed by Windows.PNG



If I try to delete the expressions from the module before deleting the module, I get the following error, and the expression is not removed.



If I try to edit the expression and add a valid result signal, the expression remains unchanged after I close the editing window.


Are these known bugs, and if so, when are they likely to be fixed?


In the meantime, does anyone have work-arounds to allow me to remove such a module?