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Using a probability to create entities




I have created a model that simulates the order fulfilment of medication. The entities are order and drug units, of which I have used a container for the order. The container size represents the order size of which the number of drugs fulfils.


For the input data, I need two aspects to be considered: the order size and the probability of an order. As I have incremented the model to run every week, the probability will determine how many orders are placed that week: 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. The probability of 0 orders being placed a week is 0.131, the probability of 1 order being placed a week is 0.574, the probability of 2 orders being placed a week is 0.223, the probability of 3 orders being placed a week is 0.057 and the probability of 4 orders being placed a week is 0.015.


How am I able to apply these probabilities of the number of orders to the model?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!