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Virtual Commisioning, signals comunication




I'm trying to build a Virtual Commissioning model in Process Simulate usin a pre programmed PLC program in Tia portal and a ABB Robotstudio program for the robot. I am usin PLCSIM Advanced to run the PLC.


I have encountered a grate many challanges and my first question is how to import the PLC signals in to Process Simulate. I have exported the PLC-tags from the project i Tia portal using export.image.png


 Then I tried to import the same excel file in Process Simulate usin the Signal Maping Tool.




But I had no luck. Even tried to export an excel list from the Signal Viewer in PS and try to reconfigure the Tia Portal exported list in the same format but still no luck. 



How do I transfer Signals from a PLC Project in Tia Portal to a Process Simulate Study?

When this is solved I have many more questions but that I can save for another topic Smiley Happy


Best Regards





Re: Virtual Commisioning, signals comunication


Really no one knows how to get the I/O list from Tia Portal to Process Simulate? Everyone who have set up a comunication between a PLC and Process Simulate must have done this. Or is there another function to retrive the I/O list from the PLC controller?

Re: Virtual Commisioning, signals comunication

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one easy way from TIA to Process Simulate is via PLCSimAdv.

You can load your PLC program to PLCSimAdv.

Later you can start the function "extract s7 signals" under PS to import the signals from PLCSimAdv to PS.


Other way:

Export the symbol list from TIA to excel

change excel format to PS

import signals to ps.


Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke