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Workplace/worker not visible in 3D


Hello everybody,


first of all, I am not allowed to post the model.

Only in this model is the problem, previous models with different data working as intended.

The Problem is:

-in 2D workplace and worker are shown correctly and moving along the footpaths

-in 3D nothing visible beside the footpaths


Maybe you have any ideas what I did wrong in this model?


2D.pngmodel in 2D3D.pngmodel in 3D

The connector in 3D shows that there is a workpalce, but there is nothing visible and I can't click the workplace in 3D, but in 2D it is possible....


Thanks for your time and help!


Re: Workplace/worker not visible in 3D

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Fabian,


you are currently in the general Tecnomatix forum. This topic is better off in the Plant Simulation forum.

However, here are my approaches:


  • About the workplace's visibility: Have you looked for the workplace in the structure dialog of your frame and checked whether, after opening its 3D properties dialog there, its graphics might be invisible?
  • About the workers themselves: The ideas that come to my mind are switched off MU animation (in the home ribbon) - if it is switched off, the workers are not visible, or the "Show Content" setting of the footpaths - if they do not show their content, the workers are invisible, too.
    The worker class might have "CreateIn3D" switched off - if you open the "Attributes and methods" dialog for the worker class, you find the attribute "CreateIn3D" there - if it is false, the worker is not created in 3D. Double click on the attribute to switch on its 3D part.
    The last possible reason that comes to my mind is that the workers also have only invisible graphics, like it is my guess for the workplaces. You can check that the same way: In the structure dialog of a running simulation, you should see worker instances - opening the 3D properties dialog for them can show you whether their graphics might be invisible. If that is the case, you should change the visibility in the class then.


I hope, this helps.

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Re: Workplace/worker not visible in 3D


Hello Peter,


thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately I already checked your ideas and it's everwhere set to true and still invisible.

I think I coded some bugs into my model...

Thanks for the hint with the wrong forum, I will switch it to the PlantSimulation forum.