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error after “Open with Process Simulate”

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator


I got the client install finished with no error for Tecno V12.1.3( in my Win 7 NB).

Then I login to my VM(TC Server with training DB)  by TC V10.1.1

4-T client from my Win7 NB, sending a CC  object into MPP module,  then sending one process with “Open with Process Simulate”,

I then got the error like


Import from teamcenter failed


And pop up the Tecno window with the error message below




Failed to obtain metadata from Teamcenter:


The following class types are invalid and their properties are ignored:

  • PSConnectionRevision


AIWS Details:

  • Failed to download files: error - fa970fa26749798fae4a495829be85ac6740c3316d20ba2338e09dd5829d2f12F1004T000000000000256e56a5f6f7a17c58deT2016SOAP-ENVSmiley Frustratederverf01f25+10a283a27-1585686306+++++++++++++++++++++me00++++++++++++++++++++++++++++a9ea7d3a14c760483b8cf84489ab8aa7http%3a%2f%2fx64%3a4544%3b%5cSOAAI56a5884900000de000002f48.plmxml -9009 (code = %s).
  • Failed to download files: error - c4284710aeecf79ec9ce82483cb72a24e738e5c94a96f72011e783dba6ccda32F1004T00000000000025de56a5f6f7a17c58deT2016SOAP-ENVSmiley Frustratederverf01f25+10a283a32-1585686306+++++++++++++++++++++me00++++++++++++++++++++++++++++a9ea7d3a14c760483b8cf84489ab8aa7http%3a%2f%2fx64%3a4544%3b%5cSOAAI56a5885000000de000002d72.plmxml -9009 (code = %s).




The following class types are invalid and their properties are ignored:

  • ItemRevision
  • MEOPRevision
  • MEProcessRevision
  • MEWorkareaRevision
  • PSConnectionRevision



Any clue about what went wrong? And how to fix this?

Thanks a lot!