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options for VPN licenses for Tecnomatix 10


i am a new user of this forum, nice to finally be here Smiley Very Happy.


I need your help about my tecnomatix 10 software (process designer and process simulate). It does not start if i want to get the license through a VPN network. If i am in the same physical network (same building) with the license server it starts, but travelling a lot is a requirement of my job, so i want to use a VPN in these situations.


Is it possible to get the license through a VPN ? Was tecnomatix 10 created to be used in this way ? What technical details do you need from me to be able to help (PC hardware, error logs, ...) ? or maybe you can tell a different method to get the license from a server that is in another location.


For Robcad 9.0 i did manage succesfully to get the license through VPN, but for Process Simulate not yet Smiley Sad.


best wishes,




Re: options for VPN licenses for Tecnomatix 10

I've used VPN to start PD and PS while I was in India. So it is definately possible.

The problem is probably your firewall.

You have to tell it that it should be possible to communicate to port 27006 on your license server.

Re: options for VPN licenses for Tecnomatix 10


you just made my day a lot more beautiful Smiley Very Happy ! thank you for your reply, i was starting to belive this was not possible with Tecnomatix software.

So if i understand correct the solution is to configure the firewall on the license server to communicate to port 27006. What about the client (laptop) where PS and PD is installed, do i have to make some firewall changes there also ?

Re: options for VPN licenses for Tecnomatix 10

As far as your clients are concerned there is 1 thing you must take in account:

When using VPN the name serving does not work, hence you must work with the IP adresses in your internal network.

So make sure that in the license setup on the clients you pipoint to an IP adress in stead of a servername.