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problem with location pie-chart


Dear solution partner;


We have open points about location pie chart and automatic approach angle tools. After i orient weld location in good position by location pie chart, automatic approach angle tool still keep not good position for the weld location as i reexecute. Could you let me know why i could not fix the weld loc in good position both of the tools? 




Re: problem with location pie-chart

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

It is hard to say with just the image and not being able to play with the data.  In general they should agree with each other.


A couple points to make.  1) In the image the AAA (Automatic Approach Angle) has  the gun Pose at OPEN.  I am not sure the gun Pose the Pie Chart is registering?


2) For invetigation purposes you can open the manipulation tools (like manipulate Location) first and then the AAA or Pie Chart.  This would give you some flexibility to see manually jogging in the graphic viewer impacts the analysis tools.  For example: add the path to the Path Editor, jump to location, open a manipulation tool and then the AAA or Pie Chart.


Hope this helps.