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How to fix Rendering Errors in JT2Go

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I just installed JT2Go, or updated to a newer version and now my JT files are not displaying properly. The assembly has parts floating around, or everything appears to be radiating out from a center-point in spikes (aka the hedehog).


Hedgehog Error.JPGThe Hedgehog

 FloatError.JPGFloating Parts















Newer versions of JT2Go (Version 10.1.2 and up) require updated video drivers for proper display of geometry. If the drivers are wrong the views will have a “hedgehog” rendering or infinite boundaries on some content, or cross section issues.

To fix this you can update your video drivers to the latest version or change the performance setting.



To change the performance setting, right mouse click in the graphic area and select “Performance” then “Edit”.

















With the performance dialog visible, select “Troubleshoot” from the tabs.
















Reduce the Effective OpenGL version until the display is correct. Your driver level will determine what setting solves the problem.