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How to submit a blog post

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Community Manager


I see that there is a blog section on the community, but I can't find a way to post my own article? Who should I contact to get access?


We always welcome input from our community members and would really like to have some high-quality blog contributions from users to enrich the community.


The way we are currently handling it everyone is free to comment on the blog posts and post directly to the forums, but blog authoring is somewhat more selective.


We ask our members to write-up their article and then send it to us (either via private message on the community, or via email for review.


Blogs will then be posted on the user's behalf (using their own screen name). After a few blog posts handled that way  and once it has been determined that they provide good content - without turning their post into a mere sales pitch - users can earn full-authoring rights and direct access to the blog,


We'd be happy to review your article draft as soon as you have it ready. The way we have the posts set-up on the community, they tend to have a short "teaser" paragraph with a picture, followed by a more detailed article once  you click the link.

In the main body of the article, feel free to provide links to additional content from your website, or your own corporate blog.


We usually recommend to be conversational with a focus on JT and in our experience, case studies and other customer content makes for the most compelling articles. A good topic for your first post could cover your work with JT and how your products support JT.