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JT Open Program Members

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Community Manager

 The JT Open Program includes 3 types of members: Advocates, Corporate Members and Vendor Members.


JT Open Advocate Members:

Advocates are for-profit organizations that don't wish to join as members but who wish to express public support and enthusiasm for the JT Open program and its benefits.


JT Open Corporate Program Members:

Corporate Members are end-user product development and manufacturing companies that use JT files as part of their product design and manufacturing processes. Through membership in the JT Open Program corporate members have influence over the JT file format innovation; assuring that it continues to meet their business needs. Membership also provides an opportunity to collaborate with other JT users to understand leading business processes enabled via JT. Finally, corporate members have access to the JT Open Toolkit, so they can develop internal use applications specific to their business processes. Corporate Members pay an annual fee based on their size.




JT Open Vendor Program Members:

Vendor Members are for-profit software development organizations that wish to JT-enable their existing and future products using the JT Open Toolkit. Through the use of the JT Open Toolkit vendors minimize development effort and guarantee 100% data compatibility. Vendor members provide the JT community with access to an extensive collection of JT compatible products.




Thanks for posting this!  I went searching for it two days ago, and couldn't find the JT Open membership list.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

You're welcome John! We had to move some content due to a website redesign. Let me know if there is anything else you're looking for and can't find. Chances are we're still in the process of moving, or re-creating it.