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What is JT?

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JT is the common language of PLM and is the world’s most widely used 3D format. JT is the first ISO International Standard ( IS 14306-1) for 3D visualization and collaboration. Compact and accurate, JT is used throughout the product development lifecycle in all major industries to communicate the critical design information typically locked up inside a CAD file.


The JT data representation is:

  • A rich data model with robust entity support
  • A high-performance, compact persistence archive format for graphics data
  • The best-in-class for supporting large assembly ⁄ model interactive capabilities
  • CAD-neutral supporting all major MCAD applications

Software product development organizations have developed translators from the popular MCAD systems into JT. It is nearly always the only format common to the major applications that might be used in an enterprise.


JT data can be very lightweight, holding little more than facet data or it can be richer and hold associations to the original CAD information, assemblies, product structure, geometry, attributes, meta data and PMI. It supports multiple tessellations and level-of-detail generation.