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How to search for all nodes in a JT?


I have some JTs that when seen in Teamcenter or any other JT viewer, show a full list of properties. However, when I scan this same files using JT Toolkit, only some properties are available. I am NOTtalking about CAD Properties, I know the JTTK CAD API handles those. I am talking about a huge list of other properties that do not seem to appear anywhere using the JTTK.


My first thought is that maybe they are located in another "node", that is not visible, but I am using the traverseGraph() function on the root node, that should suppossedly go through any sub node, if there are more. Is there any way that some node is escaping?


The files in question are simple monolithic JTs without structure.


Any thoughts on this?


Thanks and greetings








Re: How to search for all nodes in a JT?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Late reply. I assume you took a look at your file using the jtinfo tool that comes with the JT Utilities?

It shows the properties, PMI and attributes attached to nodes.

Maybe it'll output what you're searching.


It would also help to know which kind of 'other properties' you are missing.