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Is the JT Open Functionality free for use or licensed




New to this forum.  We are trying to display JT files on our web site exactly like and the web developer says that the PLM Vis Web requires licensing to display the JT file using WebGL compatible browser.


Can anyone tell me if either becoming a Open JT member allows the use of the JT toolkit or do you have to pay for licensing.  They have suggested we use a different format bacause of this but I am resisting doing this.


Sorry this is a bit out side my box but any help most appreciated.


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Re: Is the JT Open Functionality free for use or licensed

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Siemens Genius

Becoming a JT Open Program member does provide access to the JT Open Toolkit. There is a maintenance fee paid annually by members. The fee is as low as a couple thousand dollars, depends on how big an enterprise you join the program as.

Having the JT Open Toolkit will give you the ability to read and write JT data but it has no rendering technology. The JT Showcase is created using technology in PLM Vis, which is a different toolkit. PLM Vis is not included with JT Open Program members, hit must be purchased from Siemens PLM separately.

Mike Z