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List of Properties attached to a JtkHierarchy Object

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

If we throw one of the JT files that come with the JT2Go viewer into the jtinfo tool that comes with the JT Open Toolkit, we see a bunch of different properties attached to JtkParts, JtkAssemblies or JtkInstances.



 JtkPart: "Crank Shaft" (Id=446, version=1546)
    BBox: [-0.0284588,-0.1,-0.0499072] [0.0278221,0.0525,0.0148473]
    # Properties: 53
      0 type="STRING" key="Name::" value="Crank Shaft"
      3 type="INT" key="SEOccurrenceQuantity::"1"
      6 type="STRING" key="SEOccurrenceID::" value="302"
      8 type="STRING" key="SEOccurrenceName::" value="Crank Shaft.par:1"
      12 type="STRING" key="Project Name::" value="Unable to determine
      13 type="INT" key="Lines::"0"
28 type="STRING" key="CAD Source::" value="Solid Edge"
44 type="STRING" key="Name::" value="Crank Shaft"
48 type="STRING" key="Name of Saving Application::" value="Solid Edge"
51 type="DATE" key="Translation Date::" value="2013 4 8 12:22.19

So this file has apparently exported with PLM's Solid Edge according to "CAD Source::".

  • It features a translation date which is in the 'DATE' format (good)
  • but apparently saved "SEOCurrenceID::" as a 'STRING'?
  • also the "Project Name" is "Unable to determine"
  • the key "Name::" appears twice

But I also got another file that says:

JtkAssembly: "ArbitraryName" (Id=0, version=0) ["FileName.jt" v9.5]
  BBox: [34.84,-85,-9.] [43,2,2]
  # Properties: 6
    0 type="STRING" key="Name::" value="ArbitraryName"
    1 type="STRING" key="CadSource" value="TxJtExport"
    2 type="STRING" key="TranslationDate" value="28/4/2013, 17:04"
    3 type="STRING" key="JT_PMI_CONTENT_HINT" value="none"
    4 type="STRING" key="Name::" value="OtherName"
    5 type="STRING" key="TxVersion" value="Tecnomatix 11"

According to the "TxVersion" entry is has been exported with Tecnomatix, which is also software from Siemens PLM.

So here

  • the ID and version is 0?!
  • the source is encoded as "CadSource" rather than "CAD Source::"
  • the translation date is stored in a STRING rather than a DATE and doesn't have a space
  • it also has two "name::" properties, but they are different?!

I have more files which are exported by NX which have different properties attached as well.


Where are those attributes, especially the keys, defined?Is there a dictionary somewhere?

How do I know which attributes to expect?

Can I rely on the existance of some of the keys?

Why are some "Unable to determine"? Is that a JT Toolkit thing or have they never been set?